How to Use the Vagaro Barcode

The Vagaro high speed, barcode and QR code scanner works on paper as well as a number of mobile device screens, including cell phones and smartwatches.

The scanner plugs directly into the USB port of your Mac or PC. When placed on the stand, it automatically scans items that are placed under the reader. The scanner works great with a number of products, including Vagaro Gift Cards, Memberships, and Employee Clock-in cards. The Vagaro Shopping Cart has been updated with the new product. A stand is included with the purchase of this scanner.

The barcode scanner is compatible with PCs. Just plug the scanner into the USB port and it’s ready to use.

If you’re using a Mac computer, scan the code below to reset it to factory settings.

You also need to scan the QR code below since the new Vagaro Barcode scanner by default is incompatible with Mac systems. To make it compatible with Macs, customers must connect the scanner to the USB port and scan the QR code below.

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